Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Looking Forward

Fast forward a year and I'm training, once again, for the hills of Sylamore.  The story reads  a little different this year.  I'm training for the 50K disnance instead of 25K and I have not had  pneumonia this year.  I'm in excellent running shape and I'm ready to conquer the elevation.  I have ran several training runs over 20 miles.  I must say I'm loving the peace and quiet of the woods.  No music in my ear this year, I'm truly living in each moment.... each footstep. 
I ran the Hill and Dale 8 miler last weekend, 3 times. Yes, a total of 24 miles of hills and switchbacks that will have your hamstrings screaming! I decided, since I drove the 30 minutes to do the race, and I needed a long run....2 birds, enjoy the hill training while I can.  I placed 3rd in age group as a plus.  I can assure you that laps 2 and 3 were in no way worthy of a placement. 
36 days until Sylamore and as much as I love my 25K sweatshirt (Sylamore has a very coveted sweatshirt among runners) I must say, I cannot wait to wear (and earn) my 50K sweatshirt!

Train Hard
Run Happy

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