Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Month of 10K's

My Race Award
Ahhh February, winter is in full swing but my eyes are looking ahead to spring.  The cold weather didn't permit a lot of outdoor bike time but I was able to keep warm running outdoors. I ran three 10K races each with very differnt courses. 
 St. Valentine's Day 10K is a fun, hilly course winding through neighborhood.  I was 3rd in my age group and missed my PR by just a few seconds. 
MRTC WCCS 10K is the last of the cross country series, it was 2.5 loops through Shelby Forest.  It's pretty tough seeing the finish line TWICE before you get to cross it!
Move It Memphis 10K is a great downtown course that goes along the Mississippi River and winds through the South Bluffs as well as other senic areas of downtown Memphis.  A great finishers party after with seating, a band, and beer!  I finished 2nd in my age group.
That's it for races druing February, I've decided to not do very many 5K's this year and spend my entry $$ on some bike rides instead.  At this point, my plan is to run two 4 milers a week (one speed intervals/ one fartleks)  plus the 12.5 mile Sunday morning group run. That keeps my run miles at 20 per week. I'm sure I'll mix in my favorite races here & there.
The Tri Swim Clinic has started at the gym so I'm back in the pool more consistently.  Working on bilateral breathing again this season.  It is not natural for me but I'm going to put the work in and hopefully some day it will be.
Working on my strength training plan as well as stretcing and using the foam roller (especially for my IT Band); not to mention my nutrition.  These will be main focus areas in March as I build my fitness.
Feb. Total Miles:  304
Feb. Total Training Hours:  36