Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flying Saucer "Ring of Honor"

Icy weekend in Memphis is winding down. Still waiting to hear if schools are open tomorrow so I can plan my workout. Way off training schedule this weekend starting with my plate party at Flying Saucer (yes, I drank 200 different beers to get my plate on the wall; otherwise know as the "Ring of Honor" # 200 was downed on NYE). Here is proof! Gotta luv the pink letters (only one in the place with colored letters, woo hoo) Great weekend to hang out with friends (those who braved the ice for a celebratory brew & 'Hop Head' shirt)  I must say the kids enjoyed the snow/ice not to mention the cuddle/movie time on the couch. Enuf with the ice-- I'm ready to hit the road.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday I did upper body strength training- I'm really trying to build my shoulders for swimming. Also, did core work. Trying to stay off my legs due to some tenderness in my shins. I iced & rested legs all afternoon. I think BLT is a little too much pounding for my legs- love Maria's class though. May need to skip it for a while & do slow runs instead...

Today was a bike day but the snow got in the way of that...was really looking forward to biking & Mellow Mushroom after with the girls. Oh well, guess today is a 'top of the hour' workout day. That's about all I can do when I have all 3 kids at home. 4-5 times a day at the top of the hour I do pushups, bosu ball work, and crunches. It only takes a few minutes but adds up throughout the day.
snow on!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spinner girls

Amy's spin class today w/ Lynell, using HR zone training approach. Intervals were tough! Legs are feeling a little flat. Should have taken the rest day on Saturday-Note to self: Rest days mean REST!

Abs are slightly sore but I can tell they are getting stronger. yay-that's what I'm talking about- Stronger-better-faster!!

spin on!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Long workout today:(2 1/2 hours)
Strength- (arms, back, shoulders)
Abs- 1/2 hour
Run- 5 miles/ 9 min pace (It was FA-REEZ-ING & windy) wondering why I wore shorts? humm, It wasn't so bad in the sun when the wind wasn't blowing!

Montra: The faster you run the faster you get back to your car!--DON'T just takes longer!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Peddler Ride

Plans were to ride with group from Peddler Bike Shop but due to weather that didn't happen. Wound up riding with a couple of twenty year old girls
(Katie & Lindsey) that really pushed me & Lynell. Loved the route- we did just under 30 miles; first half at 18-20 mph - second half 16-18 mph. Strong headwinds but at least the sun was shining!

I think my body has finally gotten used to my eating plan. Thanks to Maria & Jessica I am now "Eating Clean"- plan consists of lots of lean protein & healthy complex carbs; veggies & fruit. Trying to totally cut out processed foods & the taboo white stuff (sugar & flour)!
I really want a countdown clock on my blog THAT WORKS! John, where are you?
shine on!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Curly Hair Bike Girls

Guess I can't call it that anymore because Mary Rose does not have curls....Lynell couldn't ride today- rode almost 25 with Rachel & Mary Rose. It was fun but a little cool & drizzly. Rest day tomorrow...although I thought about sneaking in a run :)

JL told me I was WAY dedicated when he didn't run Hill & Dale and I did....I told him my dedication is really an escape from the chaos! My house full of boys can be VERY chaotic sometimes but I wouldn't want it any other way (as long as I can escape to run, that is)
Ride on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thought of the day while I was running: Life is an endurance race; run at a pace you can be proud of.

Currently training for Little Rock Half Marathon on March 7 (Holly & I have set a long term goal of running a half in EVERY state)

Strength training at gym today for an hour- Great workout even though I missed Kelly. Worked arms, back, and abs.
Ran an hour (6.25 m;9:30 pace) course near gym. Weather was amazing...if there was an ultramarathon today I could have done it (j/k)just one of those days when it felt easy. Run on!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Registration CANCUN 70.3

I registered last week for my first Half-Ironman 70.3 miles (1.2 mile open water swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 run)- to make it even better it's in CANCUN! I have 8 months to train- RACE DAY:  Sunday, Sept 19.  I have set a goal (besides finishing injury free) of 6 hours. 
Tri on!