Monday, November 21, 2011

IM FLORIDA 11-5-11

As the sun is rising, I am standing with my toes in the cold sand waiting for the cannon to explode so I can begin my Ironman adventure. Everyone says you should be nervous at this moment.   I checked myself and realized I felt excitement and not nervousness, thankfully.  I think my mind and body was well prepared  and that I knew I was up for the challenge of what the day had to give me. As I headed into the calm water, I was amazed at how quickly I got into a rhythm.  I got kicked in the face at the turn buoy, but other than that is was an enjoyable swim. The jelly fish kept to themselves! 
Swim:  1:32:12
T1: 13:47  long transition time but I'm not sure what I expected.  Everything went as planned.
It was exciting having my bike handed to me!  I clipped in and headed out where the wind immediatlly hit me. So many people around me did not appear to be confident on the bike.  I finally found a guy that was passing people at a good pace so i fell in behind him and stayed there for 35 miles....hence,  the drafing penalty at mile 25 for me! I did 4 minutes in the penatly tent, layed in the grass and got burrs all over me! The nice guys there picked them off of me (they didn't seem to mind very much) lol  Later I realized they missed one under my tri belt & it flet like a pin sticking me...ouch! In retrospect, that was the worst pain of the day so I'm good with that! At some point, a line from a song entered my head.  I kept hearing "I hope you had the time of your life".... over & over & over for miles & miles! I could not remember the artist or any other parts of the song. I stopped once to pee, probably around mile 50, and then again at the halfway point for my special needs bag. So ,with the song in my head and the wind all around me, I pedalled my heart out trying to make sure I saved enough for the run.  I unclipped safely and noticed that my legs felt good.  Okay, so my dismount wasn't anything special....will work on that! 
Bike 6:35:13  
T2: 5:42  much better T time...guess I was ready to run :)
I felt great off the bike, which surprised me.  I got into a nice easy pace and at mile one my calves both cramped.  Never have I had this problem.  Didn't want to overthink it, so I ate a banana, drank gatorade, and took enduralytes (more on nutrition later) I , also, stretched my calves for a minute; which I should have done in transition.  The cramps only lasted a mile or so and  I never had problems with my legs again.  I walked most water stops, stopped at porta potty a few times, bandaged one small blister on my toe; otherwise a pretty uneventful marathon.  (thank goodness). The thought did occur to me at mile 17 of the run that I was going to have a flat on my bike!  I was releived to realize I didn't have to worry about my bike any longer.  That was a sign it was almost time to start drinking Coke!
Run:  4:36:03 2:17/2:20 splits- very pleased with my consistency
My nutrition was what kept me feeling good the entire day.  I really listened to my body and did what was needed at the moment. 
Breakfast:  bagel w/ peanut butter, coffee, banana, Ensure+, power bars, gatorade, sips of water constantly,
Before swim:   about 30 minutes b4 swim Ensure+, 2 enduralytes
T1:  water & enduralytes, pb & honey uncrustable, Ensure+
Bike:  nutter butters, fig newtons, bars, uncrustables,  gummie fruits all broken up in bento box.  I ate a couple bites of something EVERY 5 miles.  I had Hammer Perpetuem mixed with gatorade in my bike bottle which I sipped in between bites.  I got water at every10 mile aid station for my aerobottle and made sure I drank it all every time!  I took enduralytes or salt tabs EVERY hour.  I drank another Ensure+ at the special needs stop which I had frozen in my special needs bag.  Perfect!  I ate 2 gels during the bike, mile 35 and 95. 
T2:  Another Ensure+, water & enduralytes
Run:  banana at mile one,  enduralytes & water every hour, alternated water & gatorade at every water stop,  4 gels during the run, 6. 12, 17, 22,  starting at mile 20, I had coke & water at every water stop.  No other food on the run except for the first banana. 
After the race,  finally sat down at the bar & consumed a burger & fries!
Recovery:   I was surprised at how well I felt, I was more sore after my first marathon.  I ran easy & biked just a few days after.  I really didn't stop completely until day 9, I got a cold/virus/ bronchitis with some nasty fever blisters.  I guess my body was yelling at me to stop.  Well, I've stopped for a week but I'll be back out there after Thanksgiving! 
PS  I could not be an IRONMAN without my family and friends who have made this adventure possible.  Thanks to ALL of you!