Tuesday, August 2, 2011

IM Florida in 95 days.....

August, really?  We were so busy with our move that June and July flew by!  Moving a family of 5 is tougher than I imagined.  In my mind, I counted some of the move as cross-training workouts!  Lots of strength & cardio workouts carrying boxes up & down stairs! :)  Two weeks after we moved we went on vacation.  Geesh, we really needed it.  I did get an opportunity while at the beach to do 3 open water swims which I loved!  Also, I did my longest bike to date (82 miles) while on vacation and I did it alone.  I picked up a map from the local bike shop and used my gps, it was a good uneventful ride (thank God)!
I was hoping to do an olympic tri a month during June & July, but that didn't happen.  I did manage to do a few sprint triathlons and I have some longer races on my calendar.
 JUNE:  Dragonfly Tri: I think I did the exact same time as last year within seconds.
Swim:  8m  5hours 56 min
Bike:  311m   18hrs 44 min
Run:    59m    9hrs  47 min
June Totals:  379 miles 34 hours 28 min

JULY:  Annie Oakley Super Sprint Tri and Sharpshooter Sprint Tri 
           I did "The Challenge" which is both races the same weekend-one Sat & the other Sun.
           I was super excited to get 1st in my age group in both races! Great awards too :)
Swim:   6m   4hrs 8min
Bike:    312m  18hrs 37min
Run:      51m  8hrs 23min
July Totals:  369miles  31hrs 10min