Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sylamore Trail Run 25K

To catch you up, since IM Florida, I was hospitalized for puemonia about 6 weeks post race.  Obviously, I did not take the post race recovery time seriously enough.  I barely took any time off,  probably not but a few days due to travel.  I did, however,  back down on number of workouts & intensity; still not appropriate recovery for an Iroman.  LESSON LEARNED. 
I, basically, I lost all my fitness durig my illness and had to rebuild once I gained my strength and energy back. At the beginning of 2012, I had to reevaluate my race schedule.  I had previously signed up for Hill and Dale 8 miler that is always one of my favorites.  I had, also, registered for Sylamore Trail Run 50K (to be my longest run) and New Orleans 26.2.  Once I returned to training, I began getting my fitness level back slowly, still not where I was but I'm happy with my progress.  I was really concerned about a relapse and continued to get chest xrays for about 6 weeks.  Finally, doc said chest xray was clear and that "I was ready to conquer the world"!  LOL  So I opted out of Hill and Dale 8 miler(with a green long sleeve Tshirt that I wll wear even though I didn't run the race).  I, also, backed down Sylamore from 50K to 25K and decided on the NOLA half instead of full marathon. 
Soooo, back to Sylamore ( I wish I could go back to Sylamore) the mountain elevation of the run was 3000' which was a rocky, twisty, absolutely beautiful trail.  Loved every step of this run and finished in 3:36. Contemplating doing the 50K in 2013??? 
NOLA half is a week from today, I'm not totally in 'race shape' but I'm totally looking forward to a flat race in such a fun place!!  ' time of my life'