Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 coming to an end...

My daily facebook posts for December have been "Things I've learned in 2010".  My plan is to revisit these posts during my 2011 training when I need encouragement!  I've had such a great year this year filled with family, friends, races, travel and wonderful memories.  To recap 2010:

Logged 2,800 miles swimming, biking, and running
Trained 355 hours
Joined the "Ring of Honor" at Flying Saucer
Permanetly marked myself as a marathoner (26.2 tattoo)
Took pictures at best locations and highest venues possible
Introduced 'Flat Rhonda' as my race companion
Had the best 'pool rotation' summer ever
Consumed dozens of limes in beer.
Met wonderful and inspiring people through Twitter.
Slept 2,900 hours
Had #coffeecheers daily
Learned to breakdown and put together my bike (thanks to Jay)
Bee sting on eyelid under sunglasses while riding a bike at 18mph.
Jelly fish sting while swimming to say hi to Barnacle Bob.
Accomplished race goals.
Most importantly hugs, kisses, and cuddle time with my boys!
I've raised the bar in 2011 and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I ponder all that I'm thankful for; above all,  my husband who is my everything,  my kids who give me joy and unconditional love.  I am grateful for my extended family and all  of their encouragement.  I am thankful for my friends who are my chosen family. I am thankful for the community of runners and athletes that give me daily inspiration.  I am grateful for the ability to make the most of every moment and every mile. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New York City Marathon 2010

Crossing the Finish Line
November 7, 2010, a glorious day to see New York as I ran through the streets of the city on the marathon course.  As my corral moves to the starting line, I am shivering with excitement and cold.  The temps were around 40-50 during the race; perfect temp to run in, but cold and windy at the start and finish.  As I write this, I am watching the race on tv.  It brings back all the memories of the weekend.  My day began at 5:15 with a wake up call (I was afraid my iphone would not update with the time change from the night before- like I didn't have enough to worry about).  After getting all my gear together & a sleepy picture, I walked the few blocks to met the Team Autism Speaks bus for the ride to the start with my teammates.  Once at the start, I followed the maze to find my corral.  We looked like a parade of homeless people shuffling along with our goodwill  clothes to donate as we shed our layers.  I claimed a piece of grass to relax in for an hour or so till my start time. It felt really nice in the sun, but throughout the day, the shade would be chilly and windy.  I found myself seeking the sun to run in during the race.
Finally, my start time has arrived, after waiting in the corral holding area for 30 minutes, we start walking to the start.  Several people started running as we headed up the ramp to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge BEFORE we reached the starting line. Not me, I waited till I stepped on the mat to put forth any effort.  That first mile was one of the toughest, the wind was brutal, the bridge was steep, and there were no spectators allowed on the bridge.  Where were the 2.5 million people that lined the course? After I crossed the bridge, it all changed.  People were everywhere....everywhere.  New Yorkers are AMAZING.  Welcome to Brooklyn was what I heard as I came off the bridge.  People yelling & screaming constantly. It was like a finish line for 26.2 miles...really.  It was so loud at times my head was hurting a little.  Another bridge at mile 13 that took us into Queens for 3 miles.  I had to stop a couple times to use the porta potty.  My stomach was a little unsettled due to travel, dehydration, lack of sleep, etc...all the things that I should not be doing before a marathon, but I could not resist because I was in the greatest city in the world!   After crossing the Queensboro bridge, we entered Manhattan for the first time for miles 17-19.  We ran 3 miles along 1st avenue which was packed with spectators and the energy was amazing- even with that, it felt like it was about 10 miles long to me.  Mile 20 we entered the Bronx and then Harlem.  Mile 21 brought us back into Manhattan and at 22.5 I was in Central Park for the first time in my life.  I was in awe of my surroundings.As I crossed the finish line 4:36 hours after I started, I was elated!
Thank you to all the people who supported me through Team Autism Speaks to get me there!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Finishing Cancun 70.3 2010


SWIM  :51
Absolutely beautiful bay swim, a few big waves and a few fish- did not push myself at all on the swim as you can tell by my time. I totally loved it.

BIKE  3:18
Flat course, windy on way back which decreased my avg speed. My nutrition worked well except I broke up my bars & mixed in baggie w/ sports beans & shot blocks. The heat melted everything together. My hands got really messy & slippery causing me to drop my perpetuem fuel bottle at mile 6 :( I had hammer gel & other stuff so I was fine without it. I will open my bars prerace but leave it all in original packaging next time. Also, I will do more speed work next time on trainer if the course is flat.

RUN 2:18
Very HOT & HUMID run. I walked every water stop & poured water on my head & ran with ice in my hands.  It was the hottest 13 miles of my life.  My hands were swollen and my skin was dry because of the wind & sun drying my sweat immedialtely. 
I am pleased that I never stopped during the entire Half Ironman!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Countdown 8..7..6..

It's FRIDAY, one week from today we will be on a plane to Cancun.  Today is the first REST DAY I've had in a while.  I'm not sure what to do with that. :)   It's been a long journey of training both mentally & physically as I've said before.  Today I'm reflecting on the past months of training.  Reflecting about all that I have learned as well as how I have changed as an athlete and a person. This phrase comes to mind "Patience Grasshopper"; I have been tested many times to slow down and follow the plan. I have learned to 'Trust the Training" for sure- to slow down when the training calls for it even though you feel like going fast, to rest when it's time even if you feel like working out (no cheating), to eat when you're not hungry because your body needs fuel, to know mentally that you are strong even when your body aches....Trust the Training! 
Today is list day. I am tweaking my plans; race plans, travel plans, nutrition plans, packing plans, and after race plans! You'll see all my plans soon!
Happy Tri-ing

Friday, September 3, 2010

Taper Time

Two weeks from today we will be on a plane to Cancun!  It has been such an adventure to this point and I'm so excited to celebrate months of training by actually doing the event!  I'm trying not to call it a race since, I'm told, you don't 'race' an edurance event. Whatever you want to call it, it's gonna be awesome! 

Plans are in place: 

Weekend itinerary is set & btw it is very busy couple of days before the race.  Plan includes, touring bike course in vehicle, practicing swim course, expo, meetings,  bike check in and transition area set up night before, body marking night before,  pre race pasta dinner....so much excitement.

Race plan is in place as well.  I have detailed my goals, my nutrition, and my gear checklist.  It puts a different spin on everything since we have to pack everything for flight. 

Race numbers are obtained for tracking during the race:  

Rhonda Pearsall  #258
Holly Hair #321
Susan Lynell Harber #118

Happy Tri-ing

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bike/ Run Brick & Tree Swing

Lynell and Me

climbing tree
3 hour Bike and 30 minute Run on schedule for this weekend.  Started  later than normal so  it was super hot the entire way,  Enduralytes & Salt tabs helped with that though.  Rested under the most awesome shade tree ever. It was decided that it would be a great climbing tree.  About half way through the ride, Holly, this time gets stung by a bee- OUCH- right in the middle of the forehead! What is up with all the bees?!?  There is maybe an inch of space between your helmet and your sunglasses, what are the odds?? We are about 5 miles from the end of our ride when we pass the BIGGEST & COOLEST tire swing ever.  Of course, we had to turn around for a pic!
Lynell and Holly

70 Mile Adventure Ride

I just realized that I forgot to tell you about the adventures on my longest ride!  It was about a month ago on a  Sat morning B Ride with the RB Cyclery Group.  Lynell and I were pumped up to do the 70 mile route. The first half was an awesome ride in the country.  The second half started out with a flat on Lynell's bike.  Rod, the owner of RB's, was the leader of the ride and was able to fix the flat pronto!  About 10 miles later the 2nd flat on her bike got everyone a little discouraged.  Seemed the tire was fine but not sure what kept happening to the tubes.   At this point, we are cruising along at a good speed when a bee gets trapped under my sunglasses and stings my eyelid not once, but twice. I am so lucky I didn't wreck or cry.  For that matter, I didn't even stop!  I figured there was nothing that could be done at that point since I'm not allergic.  It felt like getting a shot in my eyelid......ohhhh, did it burn for about an hour.  So at the next stop we ice my eye and change Lynell's 3rd flat of the day.  Are we done yet.... seems lots of drama has got us behind schedule and the heat is really increasing quickly.  We have about 10 miles to go when the 4th flat occurs on Lynell's bike, we have used all spare tubes & cartridges from everyone at this point.  Finally, Rod borrows someone's reading glasses to really check the tire & found a tiny piece of glass.(who would have thot you'd need reading glasses on a ride).  Once the glass was extracted ...you got it...no more flats!.  (Lynell has since purchased a new tire as well)!!!  As for my eye, it got worse the next couple days so I wound up getting a shot, antibiotic, and steroids which quickly healed it, Thank God!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

34 days to go...*heart skips a beat*

Gotta EARN it!!
My Half Ironman seems to be rapidly approaching...almost too rapidly. 5 weeks from today :)  Things have been really busy with the beginning of a new school year making time seem to go faster.  I have had only 1 rest day in the month of August and I'm beginning to feel it.  I seem to be living workout to workout with sleep and eat breaks in between!  I have named this the "Wet Summer"  between swimming, sweating, and so many showers, I have been wet all summer.
The heat has been miserable this summer with record highs.  I have been trying to keep my endurance workouts in zone 2 but it is really difficult with the heat & humidity.  I have not raced since Mighty Mite (July) and I'm getting a little antsy.  Not that an endurance event needs to be 'raced', but I am excited to experience the race environment in Cancun. 
I am working on making my race plan which includes nutrition and the logistics of getting my gear to the race site.  My bike and I have been bonding really well lately, she has been a faithful training partner. 
I have just realized that after the Half Ironman I will have 7 weeks to train for the New York City Marathon.  Yikes...I was thinking I had longer....well, guess I'll need to be ready to bump up my runs.
I'm excited to hear about my friend Jenifer's first 70.3 coming up in 2 weeks in Utah- I have learned so much from other people during this process. Thanks to all my Tri-mates for sharing your adventures with me.
Say some prayers for me & my 'Ironmates' as we enter the final weeks of our journey!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Catch Up...

"Biker Chick"
The summer has taken a toll on my blogging. Pool rotation to let the kids swim has occupied my days and workouts have taken up the evenings.  The weekends have been a blur with long bikes & long runs.  I'll recap briefly what you've missed in regard to my 'Tri-Training.':)


RB Cyclery weekly 'rides with the boys' (my name for it) it's a drop ride which is a 35 mile 'fast' ride.  There are a couple girls (Melanie & Toni) along w/ Lynell & I- we do our best to keep up then we get dropped & do our own ride...sometimes we get lapped near the end of the ride!  Good times!  Hopefully it has helped us dig deeper though.

Open Water Swim:
I am very thankful for the 'volunteer' family that live on Garner Lake.  They have opened their home & lake up to local triathletes for training.  My fear of OWS has diminished due to this factor.  Me and my Ironmates have been swimming 1.25 miles weekly all summer.  I may not have gotten tremendously faster but I have become very comfortable in the lake. 

My runs have been nice & easy this summer; Zone 2 Heart Rate to build endurance.  I've worked in some Hill Sprints and Surges of speed to keep the fitness level.

There is room for improvement where my nutrition is concerned.  I have done a decent job of eating healthy foods, but I have included some poor choices in my diet as well this summer.  This is a main area of focus currently.  I am in the process of figuring out my race day nutrition and in the process tweaking my every day nutrition as well.  I am excited that we are having dinner with a couple different experienced "IronPeople" to get their perspectives on nutrition.  After all, experience is the best teacher :)  One of the worst things I can think of, would be to 'bonk' on race day due to poor nutrition or hydration after months of training your body.


Zoom Through the Zoo (May 27)  beautiful course thru the zoo- extremely hot for the time of year.
Habortown 5K (June 4) wonderful views on this race.
 Ultimate 10K UPS(June 26) race which had to be the hottest race I've ever done, ughhh, and the uphill finish was really awesome!!!
 Mighty Mite Sprint Tri(July 17) Point to Point Sprint Tr w/ 2 TA's which causes confusion on where to put your gear (T1 or T2) quite a bit of stress on race morning.  I enjoy the course though, it's quite hilly on the bike but levels out on the short run.  I PR'd this race by about 10 minutes.  Slight overcast day which helped with the temp.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010



1/2m swim :21
Water was PERFECT :) Race was a wave start w/ all females together...I wasn't quite ready when the horn blew...stopped after 5 strokes to start my watch..then went hard to catch up. After a minute I kinda got freaked for a sec- guess I went too hard. I quickly recovered & started counting my strokes.( I count 10 strokes then sight) I finished strong but disappointed that I wasn't totally prepared at the beginning. lesson learned

18m bike 1:01
Flat course w/ one monster hill before turn around at mile 8 (good times)! I thought I'd be faster on flats but I realize now that it's more constant effort than on rolling hills where you get some breaks. Tougher than I thought- overall felt strong & enjoyed the ride

4m run  :41
Run was hot (derrr-Memphis area). Course was in & out with 1 mile flat road which led into woods for 2 miles (yes w/ a few big hills which I walked up) and then ended on the mile road. I did first mile 9m pace which was too fast in the sun..I slowed down & finished the trails with a consistent pace & picked up last mile to pass some of my age groupers :) I didn't write down my race plan with this race and I realized I wasn't as focused or prepared.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memphis In May Olympic Tri

2:56:51 was my time in the Triathlon, YAY, I made my goal of under 3 hours!  Here are the splits:

1.5K swim   32 minutes
40K bike   1:19
10K run     1:01

I feel confident that I was well trained and ready for this race.  I was relaxed during the entire race.  I hydrated tons before the swim and on the bike. The heat was horrible; so many people had to pull out for heat related issues.  My race plan, which I did several days before, was very helpful.  I'm glad I had it, the day before I was so disorganized trying to get ready for the race.  I'm glad I had it written down when I was relaxed and able to concentrate.  The plan consisted of goal times, nutrition, gear, after race clothes, etc.  I also detailed reminders as far as what to do at the vehicle and what to do in the transition area.  I was second to last age group entering the water, I thought this would be a mental defecit but I was okay coming out of the water to an almost empty transition area.  I passed lots of swimmers and that gave me the confidence that I needed.  I rocked my T1 time (thanks to the transitions buckets).  I started the bike a little wobbly...almost veered in the grass while I was clipping in..but I recovered gracefully.  I started just behind a guy wearing a local team jersey, he was my rabbit, I had him in my sight the entire race-it took me 18 miles to catch him and that was because he slowed to eat...of course, he passed me again but I finished right behind him!  I was really pleased with my consistency on the bike.  I rocked my T2 also (I was so happy to sit on my bucket to put on my shoes).  The run was hilly and HOT.  The last 1/4 mile was on the levee around the lake, I knew when I saw the water I would be in it in a few moments!  I finished strong with all my friends cheering near the finish line.  Shoes off...in the water,  ahhhh! One of the best days of my life!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Days until Memphis In May Trialthon

Olympic distance Tri is only 3 days away and I've been fighting a virus due to my "carrier monkey kids", God love em!  Luckily, I only had a mild case (and passed it on to Lynell as well-SO sorry-dang pretzels).  Rachel recommended Race Day Boost by Hammer- THANK YOU CURLY GIRL, I am feeling SO much better today. I am confident I will be 100% by Sunday.  Not only did she recommend them, she gave me some- wOOt wOOt!!  I'm putting those on my pre-race training plan from now on.  Thank goodness this was taper week because I haven't felt like doing much.  Got an open water swim in & a couple spin bike sessions.  I'm a little worried about my run, my foot is better but I haven't gotten my training up to par yet.  Everyone says that biking will make you a stronger runner....guess we'll find out Sunday.  I just found out that some of my family are coming in to see the race (yay Brock, Betsy, Drake & Matt) I'm psyched!!!
I just got back from Kindergarten music program...ADORABLE- the excitement on their faces..precious.
Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of school...
Okay, weather looks awesome for race weekend yayayayayaya!!!

Sat..cheer on friends doing Sprint race
        expo & packet pickup
        practice swim

See ya after the race :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day May 9th

Perfect gift for a Triathlete Mom...Bike Accessories...my bike got a tune up, new aerobars, and new blue tape!!! Ohhh, we are SO ready to race!


I've been hearing so much about P90X and Insanity lately that I had to jump on the bandwagon today- I ordered INSANITY.  One of my Ironmates on dailymile has started a group for us to follow and encourage each other! I'm hoping it will be a good addition to my swim, bike, run training.  I'm so excited to get started- hopefully it will arrive in time for me to begin the workout on Monday...I'll keep you posted!

Cinco De Mayo Pub Run

A local run store Breakaway Running hosted a Pub Run to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!  What a blast.  I headed to the start with Rebecca, Holly and Lynell.  We started out running by the TV station so they could get a quick shot of all the crazy runners in bright yellow shirts!  It was a 4 mile run with 3 beer/tequilla stops.  Needless to say, the pace slowed down near the end of the run.  A few of us girls took a detour and stopped by the local tattoo parlor to get ear piercings (hoops in the cartilage)!  I already have one so it wasn't me....just sayin'!  After the run, we continued the celebration with some yummy Mexican food thanks to Daniel!

King of the Hill Sprint Triathlon: May 1

I woke up to tornado sirens at 4:15 on Race Day!  Sooo,  I get my tri suit on as I'm watching the weather channel with all the RED over the Memphis area.  We all decide quickly that we're going (we already have our tri suits on & it's the first race of the season....derrrr)  Of course, we hoped the storm would blow over by the time we drive the 2 hours  to Tupelo, Mississippi.  We got lucky, the weather was clear for our race, unlike most of west and middle Tennessee.  At home, near Memphis, we had record breaking rainfall and the flooding was horrendous. But that's another story, back to the first tri of the season.  We quickly got checked in (I changed to age-grouper from relay- Rebecca couldn't make it) got race bag, got marked, got transition area set up...Ready to race!

Swim (17:29) The half mile swim course started by swimming past a pier then a left turn toward the buoys set in a rectangle pattern.  Not sure the water temp but I felt fine in my wetsuit after about 50 yards once my face got used to the water.  Everyone swam head up until we passed the pier, which helped me relax and not start out too fast.  Lynell swam with me & I think we must have swam an extra 100 yards due to snaking all over the place ***must work on sighting***

Bike(1:09:25) 20 mile bike was hills and wind...not much more to say.  God put a huge hill at mile 18.5 just to test my endurance!

Run(34:44) 3.6 mile run consisted of a loop with ...yep, more hills! Since it was my longest post stress fracture run, I walked up some hills! Hey,  I'm just glad to be running again!

overall time 2:06 1st place age group! I must admit that Lynell really beat me though, she hung back a few times with me (yay both of us)!!!  Race bling! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Game On!!

Hi!  I'm back...got off track a bit while recovering from a stress fracture in my foot.  Boot came off April 15 ...YAY!!  I've ran a few times nice & easy- so far so good NO PAIN; a bit tight but that's to be expected after the restriction of the boot. 

First open water swim of the season this weekend during a girl's trip to Hot Springs.  Holly & I decided to swim across the lake.  The water was cold and little choppy from boats- kinda got in my head a bit and I could not relax.  But it opened my eyes to rethink my focus.  My focus has been way off the last 3 weeks.  But no worries, I've got my game face on now.  Got a good training plan for the week and good nutrition planned.
Penny can is my new rage. Here is a pic from girls weekend where we climbed to the hightest point we could find to play penny can. (me, Holly, & Rebbeca).

My first Tri of the season is Sat.  King of the Hill Sprint Tri.  1/2 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 3.6 mile run.  My friend Rebecca is doing the run for me.  Doc said to take it easy for a few weeks so I decided to do a relay.  I really want to focus on the swim/ bike transition anyway so that works well.
Alrighty then- REST is on my training plan so I'd better head to bed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It dawned on me during my last swim why some people never do endurance sports.  It seems to me that the first part of each activity is always hard no matter how much you train.  The first 300 yards of a swim , the first 10 minutes of a run, the first few miles on the bike always seem hard no matter how much I train.  I would guess it is our body getting acclimated to the activity; muscles stretching, blood flowing, hearts pumping.  With all this said, my guess is most people don't realize that it does get easier.... once our body gets into it's rhythm.  Our mind realizes what we are doing and tells our body we will survive the pain (mind over matter).   It never fails that once I can get my mind and body to relax I get in the zone and time goes by whether I'm running, biking or swimming.  I'm not saying it's not hard, but my mind somehow tunes out the pain and I can keep going.  So my advice to anyone that has a desire to do an endurance sport is "keep on going"....the journey is worth all the effort that you put in your training.  Your mind and body are stronger than you can imagine. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ride into Spring

A local bike shop RB's Cyclery hosted the Ride into Spring today for charity.  You could choose between a 35 mile route and a 75 mile route.  After the big partaee at our house yesterday, Lynell and I opted for 35.  I woke up twice due to the thunderstorm which luckily passed through and cleared out by 5:30 am.  So I woke up at 6:30 dehydrated and thinking "Do I really wanna wake up and ride on wet roads?" hum....After texting back and forth...we decided to go for it.  So glad we did, it was a great ride.  The sun came out before we started and roads were dry by about mile 10.  Speaking of  mile 10,-that was the site of my first flat.  Had all the gear and gadgets (thanks to my always prepared husband) but I have not acquired the know- how at this point (the maintenance 101 class has not occured at my house as of this time).  A group of 5 guys stopped and 4 of them talked the other one through the procedure. :)  I think they were all just trying to impress us with their knowledge.  btw...I found out RB Cyclery offers bike maintenance the first Saturday of every month.  I will be there next month..fo sho!!  Prior to the flat, we were averaging about 19 and feeling really good.  We wound up averaging around 16 due to a few major hills which we geared out on.  We booked it on the flats at about 20mph and caught back up with some of the groups.  Lots of good food at the end and even a massage....yeah, next year we'll do 75!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Training Update

Well, I see it's been a while since I've posted to my blog.  I've only been trying to maintain since I've been in the boot (btw, sports medicine doctor said at least 2 more weeks in the boot...I go back April 15 for next Xray).  She is letting me train on the elliptical so I will be adding that back in next week!!! Yay!  I'm also going to PT to strengthen my hip flexors, and a Podiatrist to see if I need orthotics (good times).  I'm hoping taking these precautions might prevent any future stress fractures.  I am also beginning a new weight lifting plan that I got from the book:  The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  
My recent workouts have included swim clinic 3 times a week which I am really enjoying.  I feel much stronger & more relaxed in the water.  My stroke has really improved but I can't say I'm a ton faster yet. But hopefully that will come.  Although I did swim a 25 in 19 seconds (w/ fin) which I'm not ashamed of.  Currently my 100 is about 65 seconds & my 200 is about 2:20.  I've been on my bike every sunny day possible.  Having some awesome rides.  Looking forward to gettin aero bars & a trainer for when school is out.  I'll be able to log some miles in the back yard while the boys play. 
With all that said, today is Good Friday (Happy Easter everyone), and I'm hosting an egg hunt/ mommy drink afternoon at our house, but first swim clinic!
Praying the rain holds off for the Ride into Spring in the morning!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Herb Parsons Ride

First road ride since I've had 'the boot', foot felt fine.  The winds were hefty today at times but it was a great sunny day!  I was a little cautious about trying to unclip with my right foot & start with my right foot but I'm left footed so it didn't feel natural.  The bike shoe is so hard soled it doesn't allow my foot to bend but I was still a little paranoid!

CYCLE  30 Miles, 2 hours, avg 15mph. 
GAC to Herb Parsons route

Yay, Lynell ordered her new road bike & lots of cool gear!  Happy Birthday!!!  We're having GNO tonight to celebrate! 
BTW...good luck to all the Germantown Half Marathoners tomorrow---run super fast!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Swim Clinic during spring break

Wednesday Swim Clinic:

A different swim coach (Coach Scott) critiqued our swim stroke during drills today.  We did lots of balance work with dumbbell float & kick board.
1.  side- 6 kicks; front 6 kicks; other side-6 kicks.
2.  side to side 6 kicks each
3.  catch up drill with dumbbell float.
We did some sprint drills & kick drills as well.  I need to relax more when doing all these drills - for sure.

Thursday - off day.  Kids had a play day with Abbey while Lynell & I had girl time w/o gym time!

Friday Swim Clinic:
After playground & picnic, we headed to swim clinic where we did 2 timed 500 meters.  The goal was to do the second 500 the same as or faster than the first 500.  Okay, so that didn't happen but I was within 5 seconds from my first time, obviously the first was 5 seconds faster.  Currently my pace for the 500's is about 12.5 minutes.  That would put me finishing the mile swim @ MIM at about 38 minutes.  To build my swim endurance, I plan on adding these 500's to my training plan as 3 x 500/15minutes.  That should give me 3 minutes rest between sets.  Today the water temp was 82 degrees, I was really hot during the last 100- my face was on fire.  The swim cap really holds in the heat.  uughh...
Pool Running:
After swim, decided to stay in the deep end for some pool running @ Rachel's suggestion. (thx girlfriend).  I am going to continue this until I can "real run" again :).  Next time I will strap on the heart rate monitor & maybe turn on some music!!!  I'm hoping pool running will help sustain my aerobic base.   Although, biking will help that too.....thats on the calendar for tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break workout

Since I can only leave the kids for 2 hours @ KIDZ CLUB (which they love btw), I got in the following workout:

Weights:  40 minutes of strenth training focusing on arms & back.
Cycle:  Indoor cyle @ GAC focusing on keeping heart rate in zone 2 & 3- cycled 20 miles.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boot Day 1

The pain in my foot during Little Rock Half turned out to be a stress fracture.  So the boot goes on & no running for a few weeks.  Oh well, I've been meaning to cut back the running a little anyway.  Time to concentrate on the bike & swim.  Doc says she will have me ready for Memphis In May.  I think the intensity of my workouts have been a little high which increases the chance of injury.  I just- last night- added my training heart rate zones in my Garmin so I could train in zones 2 & 3.....guess I did that a little too late.  Live & Learn...
So swim clinic went well today (doc asked if my foot hurts pushing off the wall....I hadn't even associated that but YEP it sure does) 1750 yds dones as:

300 warm up
10 x 25, 30 sec
10x50, 60 sec
1 x 500 ladder (alternating fast/slow of each distance 25,50,75,100)
200 cool down

weights & bike on agenda tomorrow since I couldn't go to the beach with Holly :(
PS really excited that my dailymile friend Christina is doing Cancun 70.3---woo hoo girlfriend!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swim Clinic

I have a swim coach!!  I need one this is for sure :)  Hopefully, I can correct some of the damage that has been done to my swim stroke over the years.   After just 2 sessions, I am able to do bilateral breathing.  Forever I have only been breating on my right side.  Okay, so I'm a bit slow while practicing this drill :)  This technique training reminds me of when I learned to play golf....there seemed to be a huge checklist to go through- head down, knees slightly bent...blah...blah...blah.   Bottom line- I need to swim a little over a mile a) without drowning
b) as efficiently as possible (to be as fast as I can AND save energy for bike/ run)
We did bunches of drills today for a total of 1300 yards.  The clinic is designed for Tri training & will continue for 11 weeks.  Today's drills:
catch up:  teaches balance & enabled me to do bilateral breathing
side kicks w/ board alternating every 6 kicks
pace drills- counting strokes to ensure glide/pull
breast stroke- worked on correct form

Before swim clinic, Lynell & I got in 20 miles on our bikes starting from the gym.  Great day to bike although we had some winds on the way out.

Today I realized that this blog is taking the place of a Tri Coach.  It is what makes me accountable (which was the goal)- guess it's working!  Maybe I should pay a "coaching fee" to each follower for making me accountable for my training!

One more thing before I call it a night- wanted to share my Flat Stanley picture (google if you're not familiar).  She will be doing all the races w/ me this year.  Not sure how she'll fair on the swim but I think she can do the bike/run.  Although, she may just hang out in my bag & pose for pics!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Rock Half

Little Rock Swag:

I can't think of a better weekend than combining a girls weekend with a Half- Marathon!  We 3 'Runner Girls' (Holly, Rebecca, & I) met up with Kristen (runner girl #4 with baby#1 in utero) in Little Rock. Little Rock puts on quite a race; from the expo to the finishers medal, everything was well organized.  We even had perfect running weather.  The course was relatively flat with lots of water stops & plenty of energy gels(even jolly ranchers & orange slices).  I was on target for a PR for the half until I got a couple of side stitches & then a foot pain that would not go away.  I had to slow down a bit but still managed to run it in 1:57:30. I ran the last 3 miles the fastest, very pleased that I finsihed strong.  But, hey, what's up with upscale hotels in Little Rock NOT having hot tubs.  A soak after the race would have been wonderful & I must say well deserved by all of us.  We had to settle for shower, food, & soaking up sun instead:
Before the race we hung out at Flying Saucer, Little Rock, then we met some girls from Wisconsin while checking out the starting line.  They shared their 'tutus' with us for a pic:

I'm really excited about mine & Holly's goal of  running a Half-Marathon in every state!  It's definately gonna be an adventure!  BTW...this was my flat stanley's first race! 
Kudos to Little Rock Marathon for having the largest finishers medal in the country (8" medal)- note to self:  Do the full next year for that medal!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Easy week of training prior to Little Rock Half Marathon.  I don't know what do to with my extra time! hehe..  Did you notice- 197 days till Cancun :) !!  But...before that, beginning Monday,  plan for Memphis In May is set in motion.  Today I'm tweaking my training plan a little in order to mix up some workouts so I'm not doing the same thing every week on the same day.  Also, I added a widget from daily mile that keeps track of my total miles for 2010 (includes swim, bike, and run miles).  Alrighty then, better go pack & clean house.  Carnival tonight at kid's school- good times!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Swim, Hot Tub, Sauna

So IT band hurting a little this morning, swimming seemed to loosen it up. 

Swim Drills 2,000 yds:

100 warm up
500 continuous free
250 breast
500 5 x 100 down slow, back raced Lynell (she won)
200 pull buoy
250 breathing 3,5,7
200 cool down

Nice recovery soak in hot tub & sauna after!  Relaxing :)   Did Abs & IT stretches at home.  Nice easy day & finally some time to relax before boys get home from school.  Looking forward to Little Rock this weekend! 
Parmesan Chicken for dinner....
***BE CAREFUL OUT THERE***  My friend Rachel got hit on her bike this weekend.  Luckily she sustained only bruises but it is a reminder of  how we always have to be alert!!!  And...for you folks who don't ride...please remember to  SHARE THE ROAD!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frog 43 miler

Sunny & low 50's today.  Al led our 43 mile bike ride from Lakeland Mall with Lynell, Laura, and I trying to keep up.  We did the ride in about 3 hours which brought our avg pace around 14.5.  I heard so many frogs croaking along the route- I had this thought of filling up my pockets with frogs for my 3 boys!  They would have so loved that.  It was a peaceful ride and I felt much stronger this week.  I'm chalking it up to better nutrition.  My Garmin said I burned 1600 calories during the ride.  Don't think I've eaten 1600 calories today- better eat when I'm done here :) 

Here are February's workout totals according to  the daily mile:

Miles logged:  349
Time logged:  38.5 hours

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Move it Memphis 10K

Today is race day  in Downtown Memphis and the weather is sunny along the river course for Move it Memphis 10K .Sportin my new Brooks Defyance while setting a 10K PR (goal was under 53:00) got 52:54. yay me!  Holly set a PR today as well...yay Holly!  Love races when we get medals as race swag :)

Yesterday was rest day & I thoroughly enjoyed it- ate, rested, and got my new shoes at Fleet Feet Memphis
 Nutrition:  dinner last night:      Lasagna & a glass of wine
                 breakfast 1             Oatmeal, boiled eggs, coffee
                 breakfast 2             English muffin w/ jelly
                 (breakfast 1 was 2 1/2 hrs prior to race; breakfast 2 was an hour prior to race)   20 min prior to start I ate a gu then at every mile I ate 1 sports bean.  Oh yeah, can't forget the water- I started drinking as soon as I got up and continued till race time.
Here are my Garmin stats:Move it Memphis 10K Garmin Stats.  I'm very pleased with my recovery time and my last mile time.  I am really focusing on finishing faster and starting out slower.  Alrighty then, it's playtime with kids this afternoon then John & I are off to dinner & a play with friends!  Grown up time!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bike Fit Day

Spin Bike 45 minutes (appx 15 miles) training in heart rate zones as follows:
zone 4-        5 min
zone 4.5-   15 min
zone 5-      15 min
zone 5.5-     7 min
zone 6-        3 min

Swim: 1,000 yds (25 min) no drills- all freestyle pulls.

Scheduled for a bike fit at Bike World today with Brian.  I should have done this alot sooner but just kept putting it off.  After the 46 miler on Friday, my IT band on the outside of my knee has been irritated.  Brian determined that my right leg is a wee bit shorter than my left.  This explains SO much to me.  During the long bike ride, my right leg was having to extend too far to reach the full pedal rotation causing IT band to extend.  Also, this explains my IT band problems in my hip when running long distances.  I have figured out that I migrate to the middle of the road when I run & normally have my right leg elevated a bit because it is more comforable.  Now I know why!   If I continue to have IT band issues I may need to have orthotics for my running shoes.  I would definitely recommend a bike fit!  All for now, shower time & kid time :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running w/ Sierra

Tuesday training: workout attire:

Strength 1 hour: pyramids (increasing weight during set) medium weight for 12 reps, heavy weight for 10 reps, heaviest for 8 reps.  Hope I'm not feeling it tomorrow. 

Abs Class: 30 minutes- I love Amy's class at Germantown Athletic Center (GAC)  she really mixes it up & keeps your abs working.

Run 4 miles: 9:57pace- Nice, easy run with Sierra today (she is still pooped) I can't believe she used to run 12 m with me.  The farthest I let her go now is 6m.  After all, she will be 11 this year! She cries everytime I go without her. Route per Garmin Forerunner 305 http://connect.garmin.com/activity/25394471
I'm trying to vary my nutrition a bit to add in more healthy carbs. As the intensity and length of my workouts increase, my calories need to increase in proportion. Salmon & sushi for dinner and off to PTA meeting tonight at the Kindergartners school. Twins won tropheys for 2nd & 3rd place in photography contest at their school!  yay!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Swim Drills 1000 yds
100 warm up
8X25 pull buoy :10 rest
100 breast
4X100 :20 rest (breathing 3,5,3)
100 pull buoy
100 cool down

Ran 3.3 miles on TM pace 9:05 (30 minutes)
1-10 consistent pace

11-20 increased pace every 2 minutes
21-25 consistent pace but higher than min 1-10
26-30 increased every minute finished @ highest pace

Reading Food for Fitness by Chris Carmichael (Lance Armstrong's coach) really learning alot about how nutrition is linked to training.  More about that later...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easy Day

Had a GNI (girls night in) @ Kristina's last night.  Chatting, drinking, and eating!  Paid for it this morning during training:

swim 900 yds (interval drills)
bike 16m  (farmington/wolf river route)

Beautiful 60 degree day with some gusty winds.  First day with my new seat-so far it's a hit: Terry Butterfly Tri Gel:
Lynell's luck with new gear wasn't as successful- she was trying out a different bike ....better luck next time. I think a Felt is in her future :)  
Overall the fam had good weekend, kids got to play outside and jump on the trampoline (for the first time in months it seems).  All have been fed, cleaned and ready for bed!  Hoping for relax time with hubby.

Curly Hair Girls plus one!

It was a great day for a long ride, Al is awesome to include us in some of his rides.  He is training for a full Ironman and is very encouraging. I mapped it with my Garmin so I won't always have to depend on others for directions.  I thought Al's email said 35-40 miles...why did my Garmin data say almost 46?  Hum...it was a great ride even though I wasn't quite prepared for that distance yet.  Rachel rocks--she kept up with Al the entire ride!   I couldn't keep up to even draft - believe me I tried! Lynell hung in & finished really strong. They are both machines!!! Actually, I am pleased with my ride- every ride I learn a little more.  At one point during this ride,  Rachel told me that every ride is cummulative and as you build your strength & endurance you get better.  I reading after the ride and found a quote that was quite fitting by Dr. George Sheehan "I train each day to preserve the self I attained the day before." 
Here is the ride date from my Garmin:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Lakeland 46 miler
I'm surprised I wasn't really sore the next day just really tired. Garmin said I burned 1900 calories.  I don't think I'm eating 1900 calories... I'm tweaking my nutrition plan. The only issue I had  was IT band tenderness the day after the ride-I've  been stretching it and rolling it with the The Stick & it seems better today.  I have an appt to get my bike fitted so hoping that will help.

PS Enjoyed my recovery day immensely!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Garmin/ No Music

Thursday stats:

Weights- 45 min (got thru entire routine)- need to do abs later today.
Run- 9.33 m/ 1.5 hrs/ 10 mmpace (apx)

So I got my cool new Tri bag and spent lots of time packing up my gear (everything fits w/ room to spare) only to get to the gym & realize I forgot to take my Garmin & Shuffle off their chargers & pack them! uuugghhh.. I am so gear dependent it was hard to run w/out them.  Lynell helped me through it though . :)  She tracked our route on mapmyrun.com and to our surprise we ran 9.33 (we set out to do 7-8).  too funny!!!! No wonder we were feeling a bit tired. The extra mileage works out well because I've fallen back a little on my running miles due to the time I'm putting in on biking & swimming.  Normally, that would be fine but I do have Little Rock Half in a couple of weeks....

Off to get kids from school- they'll be surprised I made cookies!  Don't be impressed, it's just the presliced kind that bakes in 9 min...really, it was nothing!

Family time tonight so no DM, Twitter, or Blogging...maybe I'll catch up on reading some blogs though!

Before I go, gotta show you my new Tri bag- I know you are curious...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gym Day

Used a lap counter duiring my swim today, it allowed me to focus on form & breathing rather than counting laps.  Swimming is slowly improving but I need to do more drill sets & increase my distance.  I feel that swimming is helping my body recover quicker from biking, running, and weights.  It seems to stretch out my muscles.  Yes! my muscles are slowly becoming more defined.  I have proof of this because I ran into a friend in the locker room that I haven't seen in a year or so & she didn't recognize me from behind (in my swimsuit) she said I was much more defined! yay!!  Now if I can just get faster...

Swim 1800 yds
Spin bike 1 hour/20m w/ focus on maintaing HR in zone 4/5- tracking this with Garmin - hoping to be more consistent.

So while I was at the bookstore with the kids, I couldnt resist buying a couple of books.  The first is about appropriate nutrition for the athlete; the other is weight training for women.  I'll post titles after I decide if they are worthy!

Off to bed, stayed up too late last night.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gear Check

I'm up way too late updating Garmin Forerunner 305 in garmin connect website.  I've had my Garmin for about 8 months but I'm just learning how to download data and actually use the information it provides.  I love my Garmin- it has been the greatest factor in my race times improving.  It is awesome to know the exact pace you are running and how your body/mind feels at the moment.  It is the measurement of pain!  I say all this to get to the point that I am beginning my heart rate zone training officially.  I have been playing around with the zones & estimating but I am going to begin to track my data on most workouts. 
I'm cutting into precious sleep/recovery time so let's get to today's workout:

Weights/ 45 min
Run: TM 45min/4.75mi @ 9.30 pace

Okay, off to bed- gear all ready for another day tomorrow.

Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Two rest days in a row for me! Yay! Altho I may sneak to the gym for a quick swim when John gets home from work. 

I just got an email about the  Long Road Training Race in the Memphis area on Feb 27.  It conflicts with Move it Memphis 10K that I've already registered for BUT I've never done a 'bike only' race.  I'm thinking it would be good Tri training...still contemplating.

PS - 1800 yd swim/45 min - working on drills that I will define later.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a rest day(recovery day more like it after yesterday) for me!  That works out well since it allows me to spend Valentine's day with the family.  I know my 3 boys will love that!  A special Valentine to my sister, Carol, who is recovering from having a  double masectomy in January.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and had surgery in January.  We are very blessed because they caught it early (it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes) ; the surgery was a success and she is doing well.  She has always been an inspiration to me and continues to inspire me every day when I think of her! Can't forget my other 4 siblings (and 16 nieces & nephews)- Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Here's a pic of the Valentine's race sweatshirt from yesterday's 10K.  It was an awesome race!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend

Ran Valentine's 10K w/ Holly this morning- set a PR:  53:18/8.34 pace.  Nice course w/ some hills; sun was shinning (windy & 40).  Great race sweatshirt (actually, my first race sweatshirt).  Definitely a FAV! After some post race refuel dropped Holly off  (neither of us placed-5th & 6th in our age groups), I met Lynell & Al for a 35 mile bike ride at Lakeland Mall.  It was hilly & windy- my gears got a workout as well as my legs.  2:24/ 14.6 pace. 

A couple hours of rest time  & then off to Holly's for a dinner party.  There were 5 couples, 10 kids (one 8 year old & nine 5 & under-including 2 sets of twins!!), yummy mexican food (Dan's the Man), good drinks, good friends & lots of hoopin/ hollerin from the little ones.  Happy Valentine's Day to all my family & friends! Gotta go set out V-tine surprises for hubby & the kids. Nite-Nite.


Swam 1550 yds / 45 minutes (think I socialized too much during rest breaks)
Cycle 20 miles / 1 hour

Cleaned house & made lemon cookies w/ lemon glazed icing for Holly's dinner party.
GNO tonight @ Flying Saucer.  Always lots of fun but racing tomorrow at 10 so may need to take it easy on the brewskies.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So I spent 1 1/2 hours with weights today and mixed in some core work.  Changed up my routine a bit to include more chest & back work.  According to my schedule (which I am the master of) I was supposed to do a long run today (about 1.25 hours) but I decided to do a Valentine 10K on Saturday instead.  I'll need to add in a couple miles after the race and I'll call it my long run. My long run is not where it should be for Little Rock Half but I'm hoping my cross-training will pick up the slack.  We'll see March 7. 

After my workout, I did some research (read as shopping) for bike trainers & Garmin cadence sensor for my bike.  Did not get those items but found other useful workout equipment on sale --swimsuit and nike running gloves! 

Managed to make a roast, do laundry, twin's kindergarten homework--now ready to watch Grey's on tivo.
Oh yeah, also, I read  some great blogs that I follow.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another snow day!

Quick workout today due to childcare limitations - love the Kidz Klub!

Tuesday workout:
Strength training: 45 minutes of mainly upper body.
Run: 3 miles on TM

Hey, at least I got my workout in!

Wednesday workout:
Swim:  1550 yds nice & easy (tired- maybe due to being cooped up with the kids) ha!
Cycle: 1 hour/ 20 miles on gym bike (still too icy for me on the road)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Monday---Again

I was able to make it to the gym before it closed due to snow & sleet in Memphis (yes, again).  We got 5-6" of beautiful snow that my kids enjoyed all day! 

Monday's workout:
1700 yd swim in 45 minutes (improving)
3 mile run on TM (28 min) 9:20 pace.

Felt good & strong- think I'm getting the hang of the eating strategy!
Apple on way to gym- swim-EAS protein shake-run-protein bar-shower-dinner!

Just got the "NO SCHOOL" call for tomorrow. Not sure what the day will hold for my workout.....

Peddler Group Ride- Sunday

I really enjoyed my Rest/ Recovery day on Saturday.  My legs are having a hard time going between spin bike, gym bike, and road bike.  As the weather improves, I hope to be on my road bike more.  Also, I hope a trainer is in my future! 

Met up with some experienced riders for a group ride on Sunday at the Peddler Bike Shop in Germantown.
http://www.peddlerbikeshop.com/index.html  We rode 28.5 miles in just under 2 hours average 15 mph.  Nice route - check out Justine's photo shoot of the ride!http://www.clubexpress.com/content.aspx?page_id=188&club_id=631861&module_id=71490&pp=1  I'm in all black & my friend Lynell is in pink & black. 

Almost too tired from ride to watch the big game....no, not really!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Countdown to Cancun 70.3

Geez, FINALLY a countdown clock on my blog! Humm, now that I see the actual number it feels like a really long time away....but there will be plenty of adventures along the way.

Daily Training:
45 minute swim- 1400 yds
1 hour cycle - 20 miles

My morning went like this: eat, kids to school, eat, swim, eat, cycle, eat... (see a pattern) seems this is the pattern for most of my mornings. I'm loving every minute of it!!!

At the gym, someone asked if Lynell & I were sisters/cousins- That curly hair gets 'em every time! Same person told me that I looked like an athlete that could be sponsored- WOW, one of my best compliments ever:)Lynell is doing her Memphis In May training with me- what will I do without her after MIM?!?!?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schedule Revision

I stayed up late last night tweaking my training schedule (yes, Again).  I have to put it on paper so I can wrap my mind around my goals.  Especially, since my goals are all over the place this year; beginning with half marathon in about a month then moving right into a 12-week Olympic Tri training schedule from there I have about 16 weeks until the 70.3.

Today's Training:
 Hour of strength training with a focus on arms/ shoulders.  I'm really hoping this will help my swimming. Quick protein shake then a 6 mile run in the rain.  My fingers were so numb after the run that I couldn't even text --not that I should be texting & driving anyway!  Legs are really tired tonight....think 'mama needs a new pair of shoes'....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello pool, my name is Rhonda....remember me?

Hour on spin bike (appx 17 miles)
Swam 750 yds
Hot tub & sauna, aahhhhh!

Disposable swimsuit went in trash --actually not disposable but it was so old & stretched out it was falling off  me.  Plan for Cancun is falling into place.  Keep getting awesome training plans from experienced Triathletes--Thank you Al!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog's Day

6 more weeks of winter, really?  Guess I'll have to make the best of it.

Strength Training-1 hour (weights with Kelly)
Core Workout- 1/2 hour (Amy's awesome ab class)
Cycle- 10 m  (spin bike 10 min random hills)

February Races:
Move It Memphis 10K Feb 27

Dinner of Triathletes: Yummy!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day (Ice Day actually) again....

Ran intervals on TM (5k) in the playroom while the kids.....well, not sure what they did --my shuffle was SO loud!  All I know is--they were safe & happy AND I was running.  Iced shins, core workout, shower & protein shake. Good day -  altho I'm ready to get back to the gym & run outside.  My marathon tat has healed so I'm hitting the pool this week.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flying Saucer "Ring of Honor"

Icy weekend in Memphis is winding down. Still waiting to hear if schools are open tomorrow so I can plan my workout. Way off training schedule this weekend starting with my plate party at Flying Saucerhttp://www.beerknurd.com/stores/cordova (yes, I drank 200 different beers to get my plate on the wall; otherwise know as the "Ring of Honor" # 200 was downed on NYE). Here is proof! Gotta luv the pink letters (only one in the place with colored letters, woo hoo) Great weekend to hang out with friends (those who braved the ice for a celebratory brew & 'Hop Head' shirt)  I must say the kids enjoyed the snow/ice not to mention the cuddle/movie time on the couch. Enuf with the ice-- I'm ready to hit the road.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday I did upper body strength training- I'm really trying to build my shoulders for swimming. Also, did core work. Trying to stay off my legs due to some tenderness in my shins. I iced & rested legs all afternoon. I think BLT is a little too much pounding for my legs- love Maria's class though. May need to skip it for a while & do slow runs instead...

Today was a bike day but the snow got in the way of that...was really looking forward to biking & Mellow Mushroom after with the girls. Oh well, guess today is a 'top of the hour' workout day. That's about all I can do when I have all 3 kids at home. 4-5 times a day at the top of the hour I do pushups, bosu ball work, and crunches. It only takes a few minutes but adds up throughout the day.
snow on!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spinner girls

Amy's spin class today w/ Lynell, using HR zone training approach. Intervals were tough! Legs are feeling a little flat. Should have taken the rest day on Saturday-Note to self: Rest days mean REST!

Abs are slightly sore but I can tell they are getting stronger. yay-that's what I'm talking about- Stronger-better-faster!!

spin on!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Long workout today:(2 1/2 hours)
Strength- (arms, back, shoulders)
Abs- 1/2 hour
Run- 5 miles/ 9 min pace (It was FA-REEZ-ING & windy) wondering why I wore shorts? humm, It wasn't so bad in the sun when the wind wasn't blowing!

Montra: The faster you run the faster you get back to your car!--DON'T STOP...it just takes longer!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Peddler Ride

Plans were to ride with group from Peddler Bike Shop but due to weather that didn't happen. Wound up riding with a couple of twenty year old girls
(Katie & Lindsey) that really pushed me & Lynell. Loved the route- we did just under 30 miles; first half at 18-20 mph - second half 16-18 mph. Strong headwinds but at least the sun was shining!

I think my body has finally gotten used to my eating plan. Thanks to Maria & Jessica I am now "Eating Clean"- plan consists of lots of lean protein & healthy complex carbs; veggies & fruit. Trying to totally cut out processed foods & the taboo white stuff (sugar & flour)!
I really want a countdown clock on my blog THAT WORKS! John, where are you?
shine on!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Curly Hair Bike Girls

Guess I can't call it that anymore because Mary Rose does not have curls....Lynell couldn't ride today- rode almost 25 with Rachel & Mary Rose. It was fun but a little cool & drizzly. Rest day tomorrow...although I thought about sneaking in a run :)

JL told me I was WAY dedicated when he didn't run Hill & Dale and I did....I told him my dedication is really an escape from the chaos! My house full of boys can be VERY chaotic sometimes but I wouldn't want it any other way (as long as I can escape to run, that is)
Ride on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Thought of the day while I was running: Life is an endurance race; run at a pace you can be proud of.

Currently training for Little Rock Half Marathon on March 7 (Holly & I have set a long term goal of running a half in EVERY state)

Strength training at gym today for an hour- Great workout even though I missed Kelly. Worked arms, back, and abs.
Ran an hour (6.25 m;9:30 pace) course near gym. Weather was amazing...if there was an ultramarathon today I could have done it (j/k)just one of those days when it felt easy. Run on!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Registration CANCUN 70.3

I registered last week for my first Half-Ironman 70.3 miles (1.2 mile open water swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 run)- to make it even better it's in CANCUN! I have 8 months to train- RACE DAY:  Sunday, Sept 19.  I have set a goal (besides finishing injury free) of 6 hours. 
Tri on!