Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memphis In May Olympic Tri

2:56:51 was my time in the Triathlon, YAY, I made my goal of under 3 hours!  Here are the splits:

1.5K swim   32 minutes
40K bike   1:19
10K run     1:01

I feel confident that I was well trained and ready for this race.  I was relaxed during the entire race.  I hydrated tons before the swim and on the bike. The heat was horrible; so many people had to pull out for heat related issues.  My race plan, which I did several days before, was very helpful.  I'm glad I had it, the day before I was so disorganized trying to get ready for the race.  I'm glad I had it written down when I was relaxed and able to concentrate.  The plan consisted of goal times, nutrition, gear, after race clothes, etc.  I also detailed reminders as far as what to do at the vehicle and what to do in the transition area.  I was second to last age group entering the water, I thought this would be a mental defecit but I was okay coming out of the water to an almost empty transition area.  I passed lots of swimmers and that gave me the confidence that I needed.  I rocked my T1 time (thanks to the transitions buckets).  I started the bike a little wobbly...almost veered in the grass while I was clipping in..but I recovered gracefully.  I started just behind a guy wearing a local team jersey, he was my rabbit, I had him in my sight the entire race-it took me 18 miles to catch him and that was because he slowed to eat...of course, he passed me again but I finished right behind him!  I was really pleased with my consistency on the bike.  I rocked my T2 also (I was so happy to sit on my bucket to put on my shoes).  The run was hilly and HOT.  The last 1/4 mile was on the levee around the lake, I knew when I saw the water I would be in it in a few moments!  I finished strong with all my friends cheering near the finish line.  Shoes the water,  ahhhh! One of the best days of my life!!!

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