Wednesday, May 12, 2010

King of the Hill Sprint Triathlon: May 1

I woke up to tornado sirens at 4:15 on Race Day!  Sooo,  I get my tri suit on as I'm watching the weather channel with all the RED over the Memphis area.  We all decide quickly that we're going (we already have our tri suits on & it's the first race of the season....derrrr)  Of course, we hoped the storm would blow over by the time we drive the 2 hours  to Tupelo, Mississippi.  We got lucky, the weather was clear for our race, unlike most of west and middle Tennessee.  At home, near Memphis, we had record breaking rainfall and the flooding was horrendous. But that's another story, back to the first tri of the season.  We quickly got checked in (I changed to age-grouper from relay- Rebecca couldn't make it) got race bag, got marked, got transition area set up...Ready to race!

Swim (17:29) The half mile swim course started by swimming past a pier then a left turn toward the buoys set in a rectangle pattern.  Not sure the water temp but I felt fine in my wetsuit after about 50 yards once my face got used to the water.  Everyone swam head up until we passed the pier, which helped me relax and not start out too fast.  Lynell swam with me & I think we must have swam an extra 100 yards due to snaking all over the place ***must work on sighting***

Bike(1:09:25) 20 mile bike was hills and wind...not much more to say.  God put a huge hill at mile 18.5 just to test my endurance!

Run(34:44) 3.6 mile run consisted of a loop with ...yep, more hills! Since it was my longest post stress fracture run, I walked up some hills! Hey,  I'm just glad to be running again!

overall time 2:06 1st place age group! I must admit that Lynell really beat me though, she hung back a few times with me (yay both of us)!!!  Race bling! 

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