Thursday, May 20, 2010

3 Days until Memphis In May Trialthon

Olympic distance Tri is only 3 days away and I've been fighting a virus due to my "carrier monkey kids", God love em!  Luckily, I only had a mild case (and passed it on to Lynell as well-SO sorry-dang pretzels).  Rachel recommended Race Day Boost by Hammer- THANK YOU CURLY GIRL, I am feeling SO much better today. I am confident I will be 100% by Sunday.  Not only did she recommend them, she gave me some- wOOt wOOt!!  I'm putting those on my pre-race training plan from now on.  Thank goodness this was taper week because I haven't felt like doing much.  Got an open water swim in & a couple spin bike sessions.  I'm a little worried about my run, my foot is better but I haven't gotten my training up to par yet.  Everyone says that biking will make you a stronger runner....guess we'll find out Sunday.  I just found out that some of my family are coming in to see the race (yay Brock, Betsy, Drake & Matt) I'm psyched!!!
I just got back from Kindergarten music program...ADORABLE- the excitement on their faces..precious.
Can't believe tomorrow is the last day of school...
Okay, weather looks awesome for race weekend yayayayayaya!!!

Sat..cheer on friends doing Sprint race
        expo & packet pickup
        practice swim

See ya after the race :)

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  1. Go Rhonda Go! Wish I could be there too! Good luck!