Monday, April 26, 2010

Game On!!

Hi!  I'm off track a bit while recovering from a stress fracture in my foot.  Boot came off April 15 ...YAY!!  I've ran a few times nice & easy- so far so good NO PAIN; a bit tight but that's to be expected after the restriction of the boot. 

First open water swim of the season this weekend during a girl's trip to Hot Springs.  Holly & I decided to swim across the lake.  The water was cold and little choppy from boats- kinda got in my head a bit and I could not relax.  But it opened my eyes to rethink my focus.  My focus has been way off the last 3 weeks.  But no worries, I've got my game face on now.  Got a good training plan for the week and good nutrition planned.
Penny can is my new rage. Here is a pic from girls weekend where we climbed to the hightest point we could find to play penny can. (me, Holly, & Rebbeca).

My first Tri of the season is Sat.  King of the Hill Sprint Tri.  1/2 mile swim, 20 mile bike, 3.6 mile run.  My friend Rebecca is doing the run for me.  Doc said to take it easy for a few weeks so I decided to do a relay.  I really want to focus on the swim/ bike transition anyway so that works well.
Alrighty then- REST is on my training plan so I'd better head to bed.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It dawned on me during my last swim why some people never do endurance sports.  It seems to me that the first part of each activity is always hard no matter how much you train.  The first 300 yards of a swim , the first 10 minutes of a run, the first few miles on the bike always seem hard no matter how much I train.  I would guess it is our body getting acclimated to the activity; muscles stretching, blood flowing, hearts pumping.  With all this said, my guess is most people don't realize that it does get easier.... once our body gets into it's rhythm.  Our mind realizes what we are doing and tells our body we will survive the pain (mind over matter).   It never fails that once I can get my mind and body to relax I get in the zone and time goes by whether I'm running, biking or swimming.  I'm not saying it's not hard, but my mind somehow tunes out the pain and I can keep going.  So my advice to anyone that has a desire to do an endurance sport is "keep on going"....the journey is worth all the effort that you put in your training.  Your mind and body are stronger than you can imagine. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ride into Spring

A local bike shop RB's Cyclery hosted the Ride into Spring today for charity.  You could choose between a 35 mile route and a 75 mile route.  After the big partaee at our house yesterday, Lynell and I opted for 35.  I woke up twice due to the thunderstorm which luckily passed through and cleared out by 5:30 am.  So I woke up at 6:30 dehydrated and thinking "Do I really wanna wake up and ride on wet roads?" hum....After texting back and forth...we decided to go for it.  So glad we did, it was a great ride.  The sun came out before we started and roads were dry by about mile 10.  Speaking of  mile 10,-that was the site of my first flat.  Had all the gear and gadgets (thanks to my always prepared husband) but I have not acquired the know- how at this point (the maintenance 101 class has not occured at my house as of this time).  A group of 5 guys stopped and 4 of them talked the other one through the procedure. :)  I think they were all just trying to impress us with their knowledge.  btw...I found out RB Cyclery offers bike maintenance the first Saturday of every month.  I will be there next sho!!  Prior to the flat, we were averaging about 19 and feeling really good.  We wound up averaging around 16 due to a few major hills which we geared out on.  We booked it on the flats at about 20mph and caught back up with some of the groups.  Lots of good food at the end and even a massage....yeah, next year we'll do 75!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Training Update

Well, I see it's been a while since I've posted to my blog.  I've only been trying to maintain since I've been in the boot (btw, sports medicine doctor said at least 2 more weeks in the boot...I go back April 15 for next Xray).  She is letting me train on the elliptical so I will be adding that back in next week!!! Yay!  I'm also going to PT to strengthen my hip flexors, and a Podiatrist to see if I need orthotics (good times).  I'm hoping taking these precautions might prevent any future stress fractures.  I am also beginning a new weight lifting plan that I got from the book:  The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  
My recent workouts have included swim clinic 3 times a week which I am really enjoying.  I feel much stronger & more relaxed in the water.  My stroke has really improved but I can't say I'm a ton faster yet. But hopefully that will come.  Although I did swim a 25 in 19 seconds (w/ fin) which I'm not ashamed of.  Currently my 100 is about 65 seconds & my 200 is about 2:20.  I've been on my bike every sunny day possible.  Having some awesome rides.  Looking forward to gettin aero bars & a trainer for when school is out.  I'll be able to log some miles in the back yard while the boys play. 
With all that said, today is Good Friday (Happy Easter everyone), and I'm hosting an egg hunt/ mommy drink afternoon at our house, but first swim clinic!
Praying the rain holds off for the Ride into Spring in the morning!