Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let the TRAINING begin......

The clock is counting down and I'm now paying attention to the hours whizzing by and the fact that those hours need to be spent wisely.  Eat...Train...Rest...Repeat.  This is optimum but my life isn't revolving around my training currently.  We are moving our family across town at the end of June (less than 2 weeks) so I have been packing, cleaning, stressing, etc....  my training has suffered but not for long, I will get my mental focus back (I write that for me to believe it). 
May brought in a heat wave which was difficult on my body because I was not acclimated to the heat yet.  ughhhh...I plan on rereading my facebook posts from last summer to give me inspiration for heat endurace training!  I had some hard runs & bikes during May which really brought to light the event that I am undertaking.  I am not ready....but I will be....I have 20 weeks to prepare.  My base it solid...I am ready to focus on my journey. 
Today is Father's Day and I am grateful for having a wonderfully supportive husband who is the best dad ever!  He is the reason that makes my Ironman dream possible! 
I am blessed to have the best group of friends EVER!  You chica's know who you are, you have been there every step of the way! Thank you & love you.
May Races:
Killer Kudzu 5K  24:58 overall female masters winner
Memphis In May Olympic Tri  2:59 - torrential rains, hail, wind, and a longer run than it should have been = Good times! Great venue and course!
Memphis In May
May Training:
SWIM:  6m
BIKE:   288 m
RUN: 60m
May Totals:  354 miles; 34 hours, 2 minutes