Wednesday, June 23, 2010



1/2m swim :21
Water was PERFECT :) Race was a wave start w/ all females together...I wasn't quite ready when the horn blew...stopped after 5 strokes to start my watch..then went hard to catch up. After a minute I kinda got freaked for a sec- guess I went too hard. I quickly recovered & started counting my strokes.( I count 10 strokes then sight) I finished strong but disappointed that I wasn't totally prepared at the beginning. lesson learned

18m bike 1:01
Flat course w/ one monster hill before turn around at mile 8 (good times)! I thought I'd be faster on flats but I realize now that it's more constant effort than on rolling hills where you get some breaks. Tougher than I thought- overall felt strong & enjoyed the ride

4m run  :41
Run was hot (derrr-Memphis area). Course was in & out with 1 mile flat road which led into woods for 2 miles (yes w/ a few big hills which I walked up) and then ended on the mile road. I did first mile 9m pace which was too fast in the sun..I slowed down & finished the trails with a consistent pace & picked up last mile to pass some of my age groupers :) I didn't write down my race plan with this race and I realized I wasn't as focused or prepared.

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