Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Let's Catch Up...

"Biker Chick"
The summer has taken a toll on my blogging. Pool rotation to let the kids swim has occupied my days and workouts have taken up the evenings.  The weekends have been a blur with long bikes & long runs.  I'll recap briefly what you've missed in regard to my 'Tri-Training.':)


RB Cyclery weekly 'rides with the boys' (my name for it) it's a drop ride which is a 35 mile 'fast' ride.  There are a couple girls (Melanie & Toni) along w/ Lynell & I- we do our best to keep up then we get dropped & do our own ride...sometimes we get lapped near the end of the ride!  Good times!  Hopefully it has helped us dig deeper though.

Open Water Swim:
I am very thankful for the 'volunteer' family that live on Garner Lake.  They have opened their home & lake up to local triathletes for training.  My fear of OWS has diminished due to this factor.  Me and my Ironmates have been swimming 1.25 miles weekly all summer.  I may not have gotten tremendously faster but I have become very comfortable in the lake. 

My runs have been nice & easy this summer; Zone 2 Heart Rate to build endurance.  I've worked in some Hill Sprints and Surges of speed to keep the fitness level.

There is room for improvement where my nutrition is concerned.  I have done a decent job of eating healthy foods, but I have included some poor choices in my diet as well this summer.  This is a main area of focus currently.  I am in the process of figuring out my race day nutrition and in the process tweaking my every day nutrition as well.  I am excited that we are having dinner with a couple different experienced "IronPeople" to get their perspectives on nutrition.  After all, experience is the best teacher :)  One of the worst things I can think of, would be to 'bonk' on race day due to poor nutrition or hydration after months of training your body.


Zoom Through the Zoo (May 27)  beautiful course thru the zoo- extremely hot for the time of year.
Habortown 5K (June 4) wonderful views on this race.
 Ultimate 10K UPS(June 26) race which had to be the hottest race I've ever done, ughhh, and the uphill finish was really awesome!!!
 Mighty Mite Sprint Tri(July 17) Point to Point Sprint Tr w/ 2 TA's which causes confusion on where to put your gear (T1 or T2) quite a bit of stress on race morning.  I enjoy the course though, it's quite hilly on the bike but levels out on the short run.  I PR'd this race by about 10 minutes.  Slight overcast day which helped with the temp.

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