Sunday, August 15, 2010

34 days to go...*heart skips a beat*

Gotta EARN it!!
My Half Ironman seems to be rapidly approaching...almost too rapidly. 5 weeks from today :)  Things have been really busy with the beginning of a new school year making time seem to go faster.  I have had only 1 rest day in the month of August and I'm beginning to feel it.  I seem to be living workout to workout with sleep and eat breaks in between!  I have named this the "Wet Summer"  between swimming, sweating, and so many showers, I have been wet all summer.
The heat has been miserable this summer with record highs.  I have been trying to keep my endurance workouts in zone 2 but it is really difficult with the heat & humidity.  I have not raced since Mighty Mite (July) and I'm getting a little antsy.  Not that an endurance event needs to be 'raced', but I am excited to experience the race environment in Cancun. 
I am working on making my race plan which includes nutrition and the logistics of getting my gear to the race site.  My bike and I have been bonding really well lately, she has been a faithful training partner. 
I have just realized that after the Half Ironman I will have 7 weeks to train for the New York City Marathon.  Yikes...I was thinking I had longer....well, guess I'll need to be ready to bump up my runs.
I'm excited to hear about my friend Jenifer's first 70.3 coming up in 2 weeks in Utah- I have learned so much from other people during this process. Thanks to all my Tri-mates for sharing your adventures with me.
Say some prayers for me & my 'Ironmates' as we enter the final weeks of our journey!

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