Sunday, August 22, 2010

70 Mile Adventure Ride

I just realized that I forgot to tell you about the adventures on my longest ride!  It was about a month ago on a  Sat morning B Ride with the RB Cyclery Group.  Lynell and I were pumped up to do the 70 mile route. The first half was an awesome ride in the country.  The second half started out with a flat on Lynell's bike.  Rod, the owner of RB's, was the leader of the ride and was able to fix the flat pronto!  About 10 miles later the 2nd flat on her bike got everyone a little discouraged.  Seemed the tire was fine but not sure what kept happening to the tubes.   At this point, we are cruising along at a good speed when a bee gets trapped under my sunglasses and stings my eyelid not once, but twice. I am so lucky I didn't wreck or cry.  For that matter, I didn't even stop!  I figured there was nothing that could be done at that point since I'm not allergic.  It felt like getting a shot in my eyelid......ohhhh, did it burn for about an hour.  So at the next stop we ice my eye and change Lynell's 3rd flat of the day.  Are we done yet.... seems lots of drama has got us behind schedule and the heat is really increasing quickly.  We have about 10 miles to go when the 4th flat occurs on Lynell's bike, we have used all spare tubes & cartridges from everyone at this point.  Finally, Rod borrows someone's reading glasses to really check the tire & found a tiny piece of glass.(who would have thot you'd need reading glasses on a ride).  Once the glass was extracted got more flats!.  (Lynell has since purchased a new tire as well)!!!  As for my eye, it got worse the next couple days so I wound up getting a shot, antibiotic, and steroids which quickly healed it, Thank God!!!

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