Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Garmin/ No Music

Thursday stats:

Weights- 45 min (got thru entire routine)- need to do abs later today.
Run- 9.33 m/ 1.5 hrs/ 10 mmpace (apx)

So I got my cool new Tri bag and spent lots of time packing up my gear (everything fits w/ room to spare) only to get to the gym & realize I forgot to take my Garmin & Shuffle off their chargers & pack them! uuugghhh.. I am so gear dependent it was hard to run w/out them.  Lynell helped me through it though . :)  She tracked our route on and to our surprise we ran 9.33 (we set out to do 7-8).  too funny!!!! No wonder we were feeling a bit tired. The extra mileage works out well because I've fallen back a little on my running miles due to the time I'm putting in on biking & swimming.  Normally, that would be fine but I do have Little Rock Half in a couple of weeks....

Off to get kids from school- they'll be surprised I made cookies!  Don't be impressed, it's just the presliced kind that bakes in 9 min...really, it was nothing!

Family time tonight so no DM, Twitter, or Blogging...maybe I'll catch up on reading some blogs though!

Before I go, gotta show you my new Tri bag- I know you are curious...


  1. it is saturday.... where are the posts..... you're not too tired are you?ahaaaaaa...