Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curly Hair Girls plus one!

It was a great day for a long ride, Al is awesome to include us in some of his rides.  He is training for a full Ironman and is very encouraging. I mapped it with my Garmin so I won't always have to depend on others for directions.  I thought Al's email said 35-40 miles...why did my Garmin data say almost 46? was a great ride even though I wasn't quite prepared for that distance yet.  Rachel rocks--she kept up with Al the entire ride!   I couldn't keep up to even draft - believe me I tried! Lynell hung in & finished really strong. They are both machines!!! Actually, I am pleased with my ride- every ride I learn a little more.  At one point during this ride,  Rachel told me that every ride is cummulative and as you build your strength & endurance you get better.  I reading after the ride and found a quote that was quite fitting by Dr. George Sheehan "I train each day to preserve the self I attained the day before." 
Here is the ride date from my Garmin:
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Lakeland 46 miler
I'm surprised I wasn't really sore the next day just really tired. Garmin said I burned 1900 calories.  I don't think I'm eating 1900 calories... I'm tweaking my nutrition plan. The only issue I had  was IT band tenderness the day after the ride-I've  been stretching it and rolling it with the The Stick & it seems better today.  I have an appt to get my bike fitted so hoping that will help.

PS Enjoyed my recovery day immensely!

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