Friday, February 5, 2010

Countdown to Cancun 70.3

Geez, FINALLY a countdown clock on my blog! Humm, now that I see the actual number it feels like a really long time away....but there will be plenty of adventures along the way.

Daily Training:
45 minute swim- 1400 yds
1 hour cycle - 20 miles

My morning went like this: eat, kids to school, eat, swim, eat, cycle, eat... (see a pattern) seems this is the pattern for most of my mornings. I'm loving every minute of it!!!

At the gym, someone asked if Lynell & I were sisters/cousins- That curly hair gets 'em every time! Same person told me that I looked like an athlete that could be sponsored- WOW, one of my best compliments ever:)Lynell is doing her Memphis In May training with me- what will I do without her after MIM?!?!?

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