Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gear Check

I'm up way too late updating Garmin Forerunner 305 in garmin connect website.  I've had my Garmin for about 8 months but I'm just learning how to download data and actually use the information it provides.  I love my Garmin- it has been the greatest factor in my race times improving.  It is awesome to know the exact pace you are running and how your body/mind feels at the moment.  It is the measurement of pain!  I say all this to get to the point that I am beginning my heart rate zone training officially.  I have been playing around with the zones & estimating but I am going to begin to track my data on most workouts. 
I'm cutting into precious sleep/recovery time so let's get to today's workout:

Weights/ 45 min
Run: TM 45min/4.75mi @ 9.30 pace

Okay, off to bed- gear all ready for another day tomorrow.

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