Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bike Fit Day

Spin Bike 45 minutes (appx 15 miles) training in heart rate zones as follows:
zone 4-        5 min
zone 4.5-   15 min
zone 5-      15 min
zone 5.5-     7 min
zone 6-        3 min

Swim: 1,000 yds (25 min) no drills- all freestyle pulls.

Scheduled for a bike fit at Bike World today with Brian.  I should have done this alot sooner but just kept putting it off.  After the 46 miler on Friday, my IT band on the outside of my knee has been irritated.  Brian determined that my right leg is a wee bit shorter than my left.  This explains SO much to me.  During the long bike ride, my right leg was having to extend too far to reach the full pedal rotation causing IT band to extend.  Also, this explains my IT band problems in my hip when running long distances.  I have figured out that I migrate to the middle of the road when I run & normally have my right leg elevated a bit because it is more comforable.  Now I know why!   If I continue to have IT band issues I may need to have orthotics for my running shoes.  I would definitely recommend a bike fit!  All for now, shower time & kid time :)

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