Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frog 43 miler

Sunny & low 50's today.  Al led our 43 mile bike ride from Lakeland Mall with Lynell, Laura, and I trying to keep up.  We did the ride in about 3 hours which brought our avg pace around 14.5.  I heard so many frogs croaking along the route- I had this thought of filling up my pockets with frogs for my 3 boys!  They would have so loved that.  It was a peaceful ride and I felt much stronger this week.  I'm chalking it up to better nutrition.  My Garmin said I burned 1600 calories during the ride.  Don't think I've eaten 1600 calories today- better eat when I'm done here :) 

Here are February's workout totals according to  the daily mile:

Miles logged:  349
Time logged:  38.5 hours

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