Monday, March 1, 2010

Swim, Hot Tub, Sauna

So IT band hurting a little this morning, swimming seemed to loosen it up. 

Swim Drills 2,000 yds:

100 warm up
500 continuous free
250 breast
500 5 x 100 down slow, back raced Lynell (she won)
200 pull buoy
250 breathing 3,5,7
200 cool down

Nice recovery soak in hot tub & sauna after!  Relaxing :)   Did Abs & IT stretches at home.  Nice easy day & finally some time to relax before boys get home from school.  Looking forward to Little Rock this weekend! 
Parmesan Chicken for dinner....
***BE CAREFUL OUT THERE***  My friend Rachel got hit on her bike this weekend.  Luckily she sustained only bruises but it is a reminder of  how we always have to be alert!!!  And...for you folks who don't ride...please remember to  SHARE THE ROAD!!!

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