Friday, March 19, 2010

Swim Clinic during spring break

Wednesday Swim Clinic:

A different swim coach (Coach Scott) critiqued our swim stroke during drills today.  We did lots of balance work with dumbbell float & kick board.
1.  side- 6 kicks; front 6 kicks; other side-6 kicks.
2.  side to side 6 kicks each
3.  catch up drill with dumbbell float.
We did some sprint drills & kick drills as well.  I need to relax more when doing all these drills - for sure.

Thursday - off day.  Kids had a play day with Abbey while Lynell & I had girl time w/o gym time!

Friday Swim Clinic:
After playground & picnic, we headed to swim clinic where we did 2 timed 500 meters.  The goal was to do the second 500 the same as or faster than the first 500.  Okay, so that didn't happen but I was within 5 seconds from my first time, obviously the first was 5 seconds faster.  Currently my pace for the 500's is about 12.5 minutes.  That would put me finishing the mile swim @ MIM at about 38 minutes.  To build my swim endurance, I plan on adding these 500's to my training plan as 3 x 500/15minutes.  That should give me 3 minutes rest between sets.  Today the water temp was 82 degrees, I was really hot during the last 100- my face was on fire.  The swim cap really holds in the heat.  uughh...
Pool Running:
After swim, decided to stay in the deep end for some pool running @ Rachel's suggestion. (thx girlfriend).  I am going to continue this until I can "real run" again :).  Next time I will strap on the heart rate monitor & maybe turn on some music!!!  I'm hoping pool running will help sustain my aerobic base.   Although, biking will help that too.....thats on the calendar for tomorrow!

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