Monday, March 15, 2010

Boot Day 1

The pain in my foot during Little Rock Half turned out to be a stress fracture.  So the boot goes on & no running for a few weeks.  Oh well, I've been meaning to cut back the running a little anyway.  Time to concentrate on the bike & swim.  Doc says she will have me ready for Memphis In May.  I think the intensity of my workouts have been a little high which increases the chance of injury.  I just- last night- added my training heart rate zones in my Garmin so I could train in zones 2 & 3.....guess I did that a little too late.  Live & Learn...
So swim clinic went well today (doc asked if my foot hurts pushing off the wall....I hadn't even associated that but YEP it sure does) 1750 yds dones as:

300 warm up
10 x 25, 30 sec
10x50, 60 sec
1 x 500 ladder (alternating fast/slow of each distance 25,50,75,100)
200 cool down

weights & bike on agenda tomorrow since I couldn't go to the beach with Holly :(
PS really excited that my dailymile friend Christina is doing Cancun 70.3---woo hoo girlfriend!


  1. OHHHHH sorrrryyy....well.. let's get on the bike!!!

  2. for sure Rach! Next week (after spring break)- anytime except during swim clinic (MWF 12-1:15)text me....