Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Rock Half

Little Rock Swag:

I can't think of a better weekend than combining a girls weekend with a Half- Marathon!  We 3 'Runner Girls' (Holly, Rebecca, & I) met up with Kristen (runner girl #4 with baby#1 in utero) in Little Rock. Little Rock puts on quite a race; from the expo to the finishers medal, everything was well organized.  We even had perfect running weather.  The course was relatively flat with lots of water stops & plenty of energy gels(even jolly ranchers & orange slices).  I was on target for a PR for the half until I got a couple of side stitches & then a foot pain that would not go away.  I had to slow down a bit but still managed to run it in 1:57:30. I ran the last 3 miles the fastest, very pleased that I finsihed strong.  But, hey, what's up with upscale hotels in Little Rock NOT having hot tubs.  A soak after the race would have been wonderful & I must say well deserved by all of us.  We had to settle for shower, food, & soaking up sun instead:
Before the race we hung out at Flying Saucer, Little Rock, then we met some girls from Wisconsin while checking out the starting line.  They shared their 'tutus' with us for a pic:

I'm really excited about mine & Holly's goal of  running a Half-Marathon in every state!  It's definately gonna be an adventure!  BTW...this was my flat stanley's first race! 
Kudos to Little Rock Marathon for having the largest finishers medal in the country (8" medal)- note to self:  Do the full next year for that medal!!!!

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