Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swim Clinic

I have a swim coach!!  I need one this is for sure :)  Hopefully, I can correct some of the damage that has been done to my swim stroke over the years.   After just 2 sessions, I am able to do bilateral breathing.  Forever I have only been breating on my right side.  Okay, so I'm a bit slow while practicing this drill :)  This technique training reminds me of when I learned to play golf....there seemed to be a huge checklist to go through- head down, knees slightly bent...blah...blah...blah.   Bottom line- I need to swim a little over a mile a) without drowning
b) as efficiently as possible (to be as fast as I can AND save energy for bike/ run)
We did bunches of drills today for a total of 1300 yards.  The clinic is designed for Tri training & will continue for 11 weeks.  Today's drills:
catch up:  teaches balance & enabled me to do bilateral breathing
side kicks w/ board alternating every 6 kicks
pace drills- counting strokes to ensure glide/pull
breast stroke- worked on correct form

Before swim clinic, Lynell & I got in 20 miles on our bikes starting from the gym.  Great day to bike although we had some winds on the way out.

Today I realized that this blog is taking the place of a Tri Coach.  It is what makes me accountable (which was the goal)- guess it's working!  Maybe I should pay a "coaching fee" to each follower for making me accountable for my training!

One more thing before I call it a night- wanted to share my Flat Stanley picture (google if you're not familiar).  She will be doing all the races w/ me this year.  Not sure how she'll fair on the swim but I think she can do the bike/run.  Although, she may just hang out in my bag & pose for pics!

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  1. Yes, we would welcome a "coaching fee" for our services! HA! Keep up the good work! We're very proud of you!!!!