Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It's a rest day(recovery day more like it after yesterday) for me!  That works out well since it allows me to spend Valentine's day with the family.  I know my 3 boys will love that!  A special Valentine to my sister, Carol, who is recovering from having a  double masectomy in January.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and had surgery in January.  We are very blessed because they caught it early (it hadn't spread to the lymph nodes) ; the surgery was a success and she is doing well.  She has always been an inspiration to me and continues to inspire me every day when I think of her! Can't forget my other 4 siblings (and 16 nieces & nephews)- Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Here's a pic of the Valentine's race sweatshirt from yesterday's 10K.  It was an awesome race!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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