Friday, September 10, 2010

Countdown 8..7..6..

It's FRIDAY, one week from today we will be on a plane to Cancun.  Today is the first REST DAY I've had in a while.  I'm not sure what to do with that. :)   It's been a long journey of training both mentally & physically as I've said before.  Today I'm reflecting on the past months of training.  Reflecting about all that I have learned as well as how I have changed as an athlete and a person. This phrase comes to mind "Patience Grasshopper"; I have been tested many times to slow down and follow the plan. I have learned to 'Trust the Training" for sure- to slow down when the training calls for it even though you feel like going fast, to rest when it's time even if you feel like working out (no cheating), to eat when you're not hungry because your body needs fuel, to know mentally that you are strong even when your body aches....Trust the Training! 
Today is list day. I am tweaking my plans; race plans, travel plans, nutrition plans, packing plans, and after race plans! You'll see all my plans soon!
Happy Tri-ing

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