Monday, November 15, 2010


Finishing Cancun 70.3 2010


SWIM  :51
Absolutely beautiful bay swim, a few big waves and a few fish- did not push myself at all on the swim as you can tell by my time. I totally loved it.

BIKE  3:18
Flat course, windy on way back which decreased my avg speed. My nutrition worked well except I broke up my bars & mixed in baggie w/ sports beans & shot blocks. The heat melted everything together. My hands got really messy & slippery causing me to drop my perpetuem fuel bottle at mile 6 :( I had hammer gel & other stuff so I was fine without it. I will open my bars prerace but leave it all in original packaging next time. Also, I will do more speed work next time on trainer if the course is flat.

RUN 2:18
Very HOT & HUMID run. I walked every water stop & poured water on my head & ran with ice in my hands.  It was the hottest 13 miles of my life.  My hands were swollen and my skin was dry because of the wind & sun drying my sweat immedialtely. 
I am pleased that I never stopped during the entire Half Ironman!

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