Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spinner girls

Amy's spin class today w/ Lynell, using HR zone training approach. Intervals were tough! Legs are feeling a little flat. Should have taken the rest day on Saturday-Note to self: Rest days mean REST!

Abs are slightly sore but I can tell they are getting stronger. yay-that's what I'm talking about- Stronger-better-faster!!

spin on!


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Marcella sent me a link to your page. Had no idea you were into running and now triathalons. Started ultras about 3 years ago and found they fit my style(don't like being out of breath and hardheaded). Thought of trying a tri so I'll be interested to see how you fit the training in with the rest of life. Keep it up and great to see you're doing so well!-Jimmy

  2. Marcella told me about your ultras. That is great! Nothing like a long run- not sure if I want to attmept more than 26.2 though. What is your longest? It is definatley more time consuming to train for 3 events plus do strength training. My twins started K this year so I am able to go to the gym while they are at school. I have not worked since they were born. I may go back to work next year, so this is my year to train. Altho several friends train with me that work- they do stuff @ lunch, after work & more on weekends. Keep up the miles- Rhonda