Monday, October 10, 2011

Race day 26 days away

Had the longest training weekend of my life this past weekend.  A double brick starting from my driveway Saturday morning at 7 am and finishing at 3:30 pm consisting of 50 mile bike, 14 mile run, 30 mile bike, and a 3 mile run.  The garage functioned as transition area and aid station with food & fluidst was mid 60 temps at start and low 80's by the end, perfect weather!  I felt strong & consistent even on my last run.  I showered, rested, and ate until bedtime- which was 8:15 (I was alseep at 8:30).  I woke up at 6 and ate waffles and went back to sleep itll 8 and ate cereal. I slept close to 12 hours.  Sunday I swam my longest lake swim with a couple of friends & one in a canoe!  I wore race wetsuit & goal was to prepare mentally & test fitness.  I passed!  Swam 2.5 miles in 1:36- goal for Florida is 1:45; feel much more confindent about the swim.  Even got to swim with a Kona qualifier from a few years, I didn't keep up with her! Coaches say I need to take a recovery day today (DONE).  I'm blogging, logging workouts on daily mile, eating, and watching inspirational race videos on YouTube! (what a great day)...I need to clean house too but that's beside the point. ha
I had to cut a bike short last week because I just didn't have it.  After talking it out with Coach Al, looks like I'm not eating enough at dinner. Not a surprise at all in retrospect.  I came home and put together a nutrition schedule/checklist and put alarms in my phone for times to eat and snack! I kow I need fuel but at times it's hard to eat when I'm so tired and have no appetite becasue of fatigue.  My plan is to have meals planned ahead of time so they are ready to eat....seems it takes all my energy to feed the family and then I don't eat. ughhh....lesson learned!
I will share race week plans, etc during taper in a few weeks.

September Totals:
Swim 9m   5'48"
Bike  459 m   28'14"
Run   57m     9'46"
Total:  525m   43 hours 49min

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