Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've always heard that taper is hard, and now that I'm in the middle of it, I understand perfectly.  It's not physically hard, because for the first time in months, I am doing shorter workouts which leaves more free time on my hands.  That free time is what is hard mentally, my mind is very restless.  I am so wired I can't seem to relax!  The mental focus ,though, is not there for mundane tasks around the house, I only want to think about the race.  I really am going to compare this to the excitement & nervousness leading up to my wedding or even the birth of my children.  I know you are saying NO WAY.  I'm NOT saying it is as important as those monumental days, but I have put forth more time and effort on this ironman journy, than on either my wedding or pregnancy.  I guess I'm saying that the focus on every workout is crucial, swimming, biking, runninhg can be dangerous if you lose focus; picking out a wedding dress isn't dangerous and pregnancy pretty much happens without much input from you.  For an Ironman, the daily 'choice' to get the appropriate training in is exhausting, not to mention the workout itself. 
So here I am with the work done, the packing list started, and my excitement soaring, ready to become an Ironman, Ironwoman, Ironmom...whatever you want to call it, it means 140.6 miles!!!
This week I have been advised to have fun with my workouts!  I have swam without counting laps, ran & biked without measuring distance, speed, or pace and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.  I'm hoping to do the same on November 5th and ENJOY MY IRONMAN JOURNEY!!!


  1. Looking forward to a successful Panama City Beach adventure!

  2. We have all trained well and will have an awesome day Saturday! I totally feel the same way aobut the taper. My mind is going a million miles per hour and I can't go out and do an 80 mile ride or a 15 mile run to calm myself and channel all that energy somewhere. Safe travels to FLA!
    OMG, you won't believe the security word that just popped up for me to submit my comment ...tribra!!!! Twilight zone moment.